Qld Cricket Bronze Rookie Program – Gold Coast

Congratulations to the following Gold Coast junior representative players who have been selected to join the QLD Cricket Bronze Rookie program.  This program will run for eight weeks from July to September with some excellent coaches and training sessions planned.


Announcements on the QLD Cricket Silver Rookie squad will be made shortly.


Under 12: Lachlan Aitkin, Lachlan Creed, Rhys Dacey, Ashton Gumm, Alistair Johnson, Lachlan Mair, Jake Nairn, Keziah Van Rijn, Cody Reynolds, Joshua Spies, Daniel Statham, Jem Williams, Lachlan Williams.


Under 13: Zane Anderson, Aidan Bulkeley, Luca Crane, Jackson Driscoll, Justin Faber, Thomas Gossett, Okith Kaluthanthiri, Aadit Kelovkar, Bayley Latter, Judd Markham, Kyle McNamara, Christian Milde, Liam O’Connor, Darcy Riley, Bailey Sewell, Stirling Smith, Steve Timms.


Under 14: Harry Allen, Harry Ansell, Austin Billing, Aaron Densley, Josh Dey, James Guy, Sean Oosthuizen, Jack Shepard, Jack Sinfield, Finn Smith, Darby Scott, Harrison Tonks, Reuben Van Rijn, Connor Vincent