Umpire Information

Please see below the contact information for the Cricket Gold Coast Umpire Association.

Position  Full Name  Contact Number  Email Address
Chairman David Johnson 0421 770 128 [email protected]
Vice/Deputy Chair Colin Eadie 0439 450 981 [email protected]
Secretary Jim Crum 0407 003 662 [email protected]
Treasurer Brendan Callaghan 0430 481 281 [email protected]
Allocations John Thompson 0405 386 413 [email protected]
Training Jay Kangur
0434 647 109
[email protected]
Junior Delegate Les Garraway [email protected]
Assisting the Umpires Executive
Blue cards/new members John Mathes 0402 804 539 [email protected]
Sponsorship Jim Crum 0407 003 662 [email protected]
Senior Delegate Brendan Callaghan 0430 481 281 [email protected]

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Dispute & Grievance Procedures
GCUA Sponsors
Inclusion Policy
Pre Match Safety Check List
Training Appraisal Form
Training Model
Umpire Code of Conduct
Umpire Match Report
Umpire Over Card
Umpire T20 Over Card
Post Match Meeting Guidelines
Umpire Membership Form 2018/19
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