Wet Weather Information

Information regarding wet weather and ground availability/closures will appear below.

Even on days of wet weather, if your ground is not mentioned below, please assume your ground is fit for play.

A decision may then be made later that day by the captains/managers/umpires with regard to playabilitiy.

Seniors and Juniors Away Captains 
Please contact the Cricket Coordinator on 0415 084 077.

Clubs please ensure that you have followed the correct process. (Rule 8 page 14) To clarify this, the home club contacts the away captain. If they both agree, the away captain contacts the coordinator.

In the case where there is a neutral ground (e.g. Chris Wills), I believe that the hosting club should contact the assigned home club to advise and discuss the ground condition. If the assigned home club is comfortable that the game cannot proceed, they can then contact the away captain and follow the process above.

All parents of players looking for information please contact your coach first – DO NOT CALL the Coordinator


The following grounds as at Fri 18th January  2019  …     Next Update 4pm

Games for Friday 18th & Saturday 19th January 2019 have been called off below – see the list below :

All decisions on play are with umpires where appointed and captains if no umpire is appointed except for games at below venues which have already been called off.


Juniors   Seniors